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for the deliciously awesome!

HALFBAKED CAKE - got personality?
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This community is strictly for AWESOME people. It is managed by awesome people. Do not join if you are a loser. It is somewhat like a rating community, only we do NOT rate on looks and we do more than just accept/reject people. You can come here for an intelligent conversation, celebrity gossip, ranting and raving, etc. To be accepted, please fill out the application below. We, the moderators and a close awesome few, shall read it over and decide if you truly are as awesome as you think you are. If you are, you shall be accepted, if not, you will be rejected. Please do not try again once you are rejected. To maintain membership, it is highly recommended that you post at LEAST once a week. If your account remains dormant for a certain period of time, you shall be removed from the community and will not be accepted if you try to rejoin. We like members so please tell others about us! We will generally accept most people who fill out the application and follow the rules. The rules are below. They aren't complex so you have no excuse for not following them.



1) Respect the moderators and other posters. This is pretty self-explanatory. Don't be an ass 'cause that ain't cool much less, awesome.
2) Post, at the very least, once a week. Yet another rule that explains itself. We like our members to be active. As far as posting goes, you can post about anything you desire (i.e. your day, celebrities, t.v. shows, movies, WHATEVER, etc.) as long as it doesn't breech our rules or the terms and conditions of LJ.
3) Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT overuse webspeak. LOL, OMG, and an occasional LMAO are alright. But PLEASE don't typ lyk dis nd elymynate neerly all ov ur vowelz n compleetly chanje tha spellingz 2 werdz n such. Nobody likes an internet "n00b". Proper grammar and punctuation are greatly appreciated.
4) Don't bully. Bullies suck. Nobody likes a bully.
5) Keep promotion posts to a minimum. This ain't a promoting community, folks. We want to read something of substance in the entries every once in a while.
6) Try to make every post after your app. friends only. It's kind of nice to keep stuff in the community, IN the community, if that makes sense. Your app. doesn't have to be friends only unless you want it to be. And you won't be penalized for entries you forget to lock.
7) Utilizing the handy-dandy lj-cut. Any posts with multiple pictures or pictures larger than 200x200 need to be placed under an lj-cut.
8) Be AWESOME. That's what this community is about, right?

Follow the rules and we won't have to fuck you up, haha. =)

OK, here's what you do:

JOIN then fill the app. out and make sure you READ the rules first. Post your app. within 72 hours of joining. If you don't post it within 72 hours of joining, we're gonna ban you (can't have lurkers now, can we?). Once you've posted the app., you basically wait until you have enough votes and are stamped as accepted/rejected. It's as simple as that. You cannot make any other posts other than your application until you've been accepted. You're free to comment on your app. though, or respond to any comments on your app.






courtesy of thesebullets